Latest Meeting

The entire interdisciplinary team of our I3lab met to discuss the progress in the different areas of our project. During the last year, the cooperation was shaped by numerous discussions, our workshop with all participating research assistants, the exchange of ideas and successful publications. Our meeting was a great opportunity to generate new ideas and to evaluate the current state of the project. New aspects of the interaction between physical models and machine learning methods for soft tissue modeling could be indentified, paving the way of future research and cooperations for projects.


Interdisciplinarity, engineering and innovation were the main aspects for the kick-off meeting of the i3m4-project. The four teams from Prof. Cyron, Prof. Hoffmann, Prof. Schlaefer and Prof. Schupp exchanged ideas based on combining physical models and machine learning methods to model soft tissue in medicine and presented their expertise from former research work. First milestones and workflows could be defined by the project members. Their motivation and combined knowledge in the different research areas offer excellent prospects for the project.